Massage Therapist


Stacey began practicing massage therapy 4 years ago. Her passion for helping people and desire to learn more about the healing arts led her to enrol in the Massage Therapy program at Trillium College in 2013. After she graduated, Stacey began practicing massage therapy in the Durham region, where her passion only grew.

Stacey remains eager to refine and master her skills by taking various massage therapy technique courses to provide every patient with the best experience. She is a member of the CMTO and RMTAO and enjoys spending time with family and traveling when not working.

Preceding your massage appointment, Stacey will conduct a thorough lifestyle and health history, along with addressing any concerns you may have. She will provide you with information and recommendations on how to manage your current condition, and work with you to ensure that the massage is effective, enjoyable and relaxing. Because she is familiar with a variety of techniques, Stacey will discuss any preferences you may have, and customize your treatment accordingly.


Stacey Cleary’s Affiliations:

  • College of Massage Therapists of Ontario